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in memory of Sarah Faygah bas Moshe Obm
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Thousands of tourists visit Orlando each year to enjoy the mild weather and plethora of activities and entertainment. Presently, the only mikvah in the greater Orlando area is in Maitland, approximately 45 minutes away from South Orlando, far from where the tourist attractions are located.

Plans are underway to build a state of the art Mikvah in South Orlando, servicing the local community as well as the many tourists. Chabad of South Orlando is dedicated to providing for the spiritual needs of the local community and every Jewish visitor, and a mikvah is an essential part of that.

Partner with Chabad of South Orlando today, upgrade your stay, and make this mikvah a reality. Thanks to our generous matchers, all donations will be doubled!

Upgrade your vacation and make this mikvah a reality
A Mikvah is one of the most important and vital aspects of Jewish life. One should even sell a Sefer Torah to fund the building of a mikvah if necessary. This pristine, modern Mikvah will combine aesthetics with spirituality, providing an uplifting, rejuvenating and meaningful mikvah experience. This mikvah will ensure that thousands of women are able to maintain the highest standards of spiritual purity, transforming their vacation into a spiritual experience.

There are a number of mikvah dedications available. This is the perfect opportunity to honor or remember a loved one. Please see dedications below and click here to learn more about dedications and to contact us.


Water transforms everything.
Mikvah connects each woman and their family to their innate spirituality, bringing purity and blessings to themselves and those around them. Water is the primary source of all living things. It has the power to purify, to restore and replenish life. Mikvah ensures that G-d is a central part of our relationships and families.

Partner with Chabad of South Orlando today and make this mikvah a reality. Thanks to our generous matchers, all donations will be doubled!


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